2019 Industry Open Day Event

The NFPC invites you to attend the Industry Exhibition & Open Day.

Our industry-lead exhibition has grown to become a key annual event for companies associated with Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics, Control and Automation.

We anticipate there will be over 80 companies expected to be taking part in the 2019 Industry Open Day event which will give you a chance to network and see the latest technologies as we take a lead into Integrated Systems Engineering.

You’ll have the chance to attend a variety of Technical Lectures throughout the day delivered by our key speakers, and an opportunity to see the world class training facilities we have at the National Fluid Power Centre.

A free buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided to all of those attending and there is car parking available on site.

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Event Details


Wednesday 20th February 2019


09:00 – 16:00

Information on our open day eventSCHEDULE FOR THE DAY

  • 9.00 -9.30 Arrival and Registration (Main entrance NFPC)
  • 9.30 Official Welcome and Opening of the Exhibition in Technical Centre 1.
  • Exhibition and NFPC now officially OPEN with refreshments in the Marquee Pavilion
  • 10:45 – 11:30 GROUP 1 Lectures
  • 11:45 – 12:30 GROUP 2 Lectures
  • 12:30 – 14:00 Buffet lunch in Technical Centre 1 (Networking)
  • 14:00 – 14:45 GROUP 3 Lectures
  • 14:45- 15-30 Last opportunity to visit the Exhibition (refreshments in the Marquee Pavilion)
2018 NFPC Industry Open Day
During the NFPC Industry Exhibition Day, we invite 4 KEY SPEAKERS to present throughout the day, a series of Technical Lectures. Our Key Speakers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding real value to each presentation.

During your day or part day here at the National Fluid Power Centre, you will have the opportunity to talk and
Network with Representatives of over 70 of the UK based top companies involved with every aspect of

You will also have the opportunity to see the NFPC “World Class” training facilities and meet our
Systems Training Engineers and discuss your training needs both present and future.
There will be FREE CAR PARKING and REFRESHMENTS provided.


See belowInformation on our technical lectures

Sam Keating – Laboratory Manager- Hydac Technology UK

Correlation between “Membrane Patch Colorimetry” (MPC) test results and the differences observed between Particle Count data at 20 degrees and 80 degrees C in mineral oils.

New oil samples have a low MPC and show negligible differences between particle counts between 20 and 80 degrees, however used samples begin to display differences between particle counts at the two temperatures. This indicates that deposits dissolve back into the oil at high temperatures and high MPC is not reflected in particle counts indicating that filter membrane colour is not due to varnish but other contaminants.

NFPC Room F113 Tech 2 (Ground Floor)

Chris Brogli - Global Vice President of Safety Business Development-ROSS Controls

Fluid Power Assessment Requirement and Best Practices (Presentation 1 and 2)

Presentation 1, will cover the requirements for fluid power safety and will look how hazards should be assessed. This will include a look at some best practices from across the Industry with specific examples of tools that are being used during assessments. Presentation 2, will provide an insight into the various methods for controlling hazardous energy for normal production maintenance, service and repair. The purpose is to understand the necessary interactions to address such hazards

NFPC Room F119 Tech 2 (Ground Floor)

Jack Hints – Industry Manager for North Europe -BALLUFF

Innovations in Hydraulic Position Sensing and Monitoring

This presentation will highlight the latest technologies for the control, monitoring and feedback of automated mobile and industrial hydraulic applications. You will learn about new sensor technologies, offering simplified installation and enhanced diagnostics, as well as the latest in connectivity solutions all of which are enablers for your I 4.0. environment on both new and existing plant and equipment

NFPC Room F214 Tech 3 (First Floor)

Brandon Coursey- Product Support Manager -SUN HYDRAULICS

The Millennial Machine Interface

Within today’s smart technology landscape, modern wireless technology is being increasingly deployed within the mobile and industrial sectors, with many resultant conveniences including time and cost related improvements. We will discuss during this session how millennials are shaping and impacting the future of our industry whilst explaining how Sun Hydraulics is pushing the envelope.

NFPC Room F212 Tech 3 (First Floor)

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Sam Keating (Hydac Technology)

Chris Brogli (Ross Controls)

Brandon Coursey (Sun Hydraulics)

Jack Hints (Balluff)