Hose Assembly Technology - Home Based Webinar (1 day course)

Course aims/who is it for?

This WEBINAR is designed for those involved in the maintenance and management of Systems employing Hydraulics of which the application of HYDRAULIC HOSES plays a vital role. This same course will benefit any one associated with hydraulic hose management from that of selection, construction/assembly to installation and inspection. This is a “down-to-earth” course
providing you with a foundation of vital knowledge to support you in your place of work. Hydraulic Hoses are a vital part of every Hydraulic system and often appear to be less important than the other system components, yet they can be the most dangerous part of the system if not fully understood and managed to assure maximum safety at all times.

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Course Introduction

We welcome you to attend our online TECHNICAL WEBINARS presented by NFPC
Associate Training Engineer RICHARD WALKER with a vast knowledge and experience
involved in Hydraulic Hose Technology.

Richard Walker has a lifetime of experience working in the hydraulic hose and related connectors industry; specifying, fabricating and installing hose assemblies, in managerial roles related to product management, contamination management, quality management, technical support and in particular training. Richard is now an Independent Consultant & Trainer; passing on his extensive knowledge and skills to educate and improve staff performance and safety across all sectors of UK Industry where hydraulic systems are employed.


This Module will be presented online via ZOOM and Candidate Group numbers per
session will be limited to a maximum of 8.

Course Details


1 Day Home Based Webinar

(£300 per day for 1 Day Webinar Course = (£300 plus VAT)

Price:  £300 per day-  per person plus VAT for 1 Day Webinar.

Check availability contact Anne Clarke at NFPC Tel: 01909504539 or

Entry Requirements:
This is an INTRODUCTORY LEVEL WEBINAR and is designed and developed to improve Safe Working Practices and work-based performance.



  • PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone with internet capability.
  • Internet connection capable of audio and/or video link (you can access zoom just by audio).
  • Microphone (either built in to your PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone or separate item).
  • Video Camera (either built in to your PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone or separate item).
  • Ability to download the Zoom software and install (automatically from the meeting invite link).

Introduction to Hose Assembly Technology Webinar Modules will be offered from 17th August 2020:

  • Module 1 – Please call the NFPC Office to arrange a booking

Course Times:

9:00am to 10:30am // BREAK // 10:45am to 12:15pm // LUNCH // 1:00pm to 3:00pm

We will schedule more of these Webinars based on demand.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course Webinar candidates will:

  • know the construction of a flexible hydraulic hose and the function of
    each component part
  • know the criteria for hose specification relating to size, temperature,
    application, media and pressures
  • be able to recognise factors that can affect hose life
  • know the safe recommended procedures to follow when making a
    flexible hose assembly
  • know the meaning and importance of the data printed on the hose
    lay line
  • be able to identify the cause of a damaged hose and the necessary
    preventive measures to apply
  • be able to recognise hose fittings, adaptor threads and sealing
    methods for particular applications
  • know the importance of correct routing and final installation of a hose

During the course YOU will have an opportunity to discuss any problems relating to hoses and experiences within the workplace

Additional Information

Message from John R Savage- NFPC Director – We are aware that these unprecedented times are new to us all. This initiative by the NFPC Engineers to develop a range of Knowledge Based Webinars will provide you with an element of Continued Development, adding further value to you in your place of work, when you eventually return.

We are also aware that the NFPC, has built its World Class reputation based on its EXTENSIVE PRACTICAL FACILITIES used to improve both SKILLS and ROLE COMPETENCY- Not all is lost- When the world returns to normal, you can attend the NFPC for further training.


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£300.00 + VAT

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