Industry Open Day 2017 Technical Lecture Videos

ABB Logo

Company:  ABB

Speaker:     Andy Preston

Subject:      Energy Saving

In this presentation, ABB explain how variable speed control can optimise pump systems. With the on-going pursuit of more performance and lower running costs being aware that pump designs are reaching the limits of how efficient they can be. Consequently it is time to investigate how inclusion of a VSD, at the initial design stage of a pump system, can maximise the overall efficiency with relatively little effort. In this session ABB will look at simple speed control of pumps and demonstrate practically how they can save energy. ABB will also look at brand new motor technology that rivals PM efficiencies.


sun hydraulics

Company:  Sun Hydraulics

Speaker:     Paul Haddon

Subject:      Sun Hydraulics Innovation for 2017

In this presentation, Sun Hydraulics tradition for introducing innovative products and services continues with pace. This session gives delegates an opportunity to see products that are completely new to our market and support services for designers and engineers applying their products. Sun Hydraulics quick fire session will include Digital Logic Valves, Quick Select and Performance Simulation for Load Holding to assist counterbalance valve selection and next generation Smart Connect for Quick Design offering building control circuits to manifold production smarter and in even shorter time.


Parker Logo

Company:  Parker

Speaker:     Anand Ramachandran and Nigel Smith

Subject:      Electro Pneumatics Solutions good reasons for increasing complexity

In this presentation, Parker explain how engineering is driven by ever increasing expectations of performance and capability. Some would fondly remember the simplicity of their first car, few would give up their SAT NAV, safety features and fuel economy they now enjoy. Delegates attending this session will come away with a clear understanding of where and why intelligent control, communications and safety systems are becoming an essential part of pneumatic technologies.


Bosch Rexroth Group Logo

Company:  Bosch Rexroth

Speaker:     Mike Lomax

Subject:      The impact of Industry 4.0 on Hydraulic Systems

In this presentation, Bosch Rexroth will be taking Hydraulics into the 21st century and making hydraulics as reliable and usable as Electric Drive Systems.