“ Welcome to the NFPC 2018 Industry Exhibition” – John R Savage, Director

This Annual Exhibition continues to grow representing National and International companies involved in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics and Control, also representatives from Trade Associations and Professional Institutions attended on the day. Feedback form both Exhibitors and Visitors has been outstanding. Over 500 attended on this very special day for UK Industry and already over 40 companies have signed up to attend in 2019.

Many thanks to our 4 Technical Speakers. Please enjoy the videos below and feel free to contact me at any time if we can be of service – jsavage@nfpc.co.uk

Hy-pro Filtration logo

Company:  Hypro-Filtration

Speaker:     John Evans –Account Manager Europe

Subject:      Lubricant Varnishing & Varnish Mitigation Strategy

Varnish can lead to numerous equipment problems and eventually failure relating to: filter clogging, valve stiction, poor heat transfer, restricted oil flow in control orifices and poor response to input signals. This can all result in costly downtime. This paper will introduce you to a tried and tested system for removing varnish in both its soluble and insoluble state and an explanation of how it is formed in the first place.


Company:  Eaton Ltd

Speaker:     Andreas Kling

Subject:      CMA advanced Mobile Valve with Independent Metering

The industry is moving to smarter, more efficient machines. It is no longer just about components,
it is about how new Valve technology can connect to create intelligent systems that dynamically adapt and respond. The CAN-enabled electrohydraulic mobile valve features on-board electronics and sophisticated software algorithms, which offers a valuable solution in the industry standards for intelligence, capabilities, dynamics and control . – they’re a requirement for today.


Company:  Emmanuel Domingues

Speaker:     Siemens

Subject:      Uses and Role System Simulation

This presentation will take a look at how simulation can be used to design, size, control and troubleshoot modern day hydraulic systems. The use of the system model has multiple uses and benefits across all organisations and this paper will provide typical examples.

ifm electronics logo

Company:  ifm Electronics

Speaker:     Paul Stanfield & Rob Birkett

Subject:      Machine health using condition based monitoring

Machine condition based monitoring systems are used for the predictive maintenance of machines and installations, allowing machine faults to be detected in good time, preventing costly consequential damages. This paper will introduce you to the latest techniques and an opportunity to talk to key experts.