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Hydraulics Training Courses

Stage 1 Hydraulics (High practical content)


3 Days

Who is it for:

This course has been designed for technical staff involved in the maintenance and management of fluid power systems both industrial and mobile. This is a recommended pre-requisite to all Stage 2 courses.

Course Aims:

On completion of this course candidates will:

  • Know the fundamental principles that underpin all hydraulic systems
  • Be able to read and interpret hydraulic circuit diagrams
  • Know the function and operation of the critical system components
  • Know the need for contamination management at all times
  • Know the safe working practices associated with maintenance procedures

Course Outline:

  • Basic hydraulic principles - fundamentals of pressure and flow
  • Hydraulic symbols and notation
  • Pressure, flow and direction control valves - function and operation
  • Hydraulic pumps - types and operation
  • Hydraulic oils and contamination control
  • Introduction to accumulators
  • Introduction to proportional control
  • Practical exercises - circuit construction using cylinders, motors and setting up components.
  • Health & Safety

Leading to:

Stage 2 Industrial or Mobile Hydraulics.
BFPA/CETOP Level 1 Hydraulics Competence based qualification.


All delegates will receive a comprehensive set of support notes, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance.


£850 + VAT per person.


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After attending the Stage 1 Hydraulics course, you can attend a further 2 days to become certified to an International standard by gaining the competence based BFPA/CETOP Level 1 Hydraulics qualification (an additional cost of £450 + VAT per person is required and a certification fee of £35 + VAT is payable to BFPA). Please contact us if you want to become certified after completing your Stage 1 Hydraulics course.



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