As a technical trainer I visited the NFPC seeking a hydraulic qualification that would evidence a level of understanding and add value to my own training. Starting at Level 1, knowledgeable instructors and excellent facilities enticed me back time and time again, until I recently completed the CETOP Level 3 in Mobile
Hydraulics. Each level of training has improved my knowledge, collectively adding confidence and clarity to every situation.

Phil Brown. Training Supervisor, Genie PSR

The training delivered at the NPFC is first class. High quality presentations from knowledgeable experts, complimented by a well-equipped facility to support the practical learning. This has helped me to develop my hydraulics and electrical knowledge throughout my career. Kawasaki continue to use the NFPC to
train our Engineers and technical staff to support in the development of their core competencies.

John Glover- Application Engineering Manager- Kawasaki Precision Engineering

In Webtec we make sure all of our customer facing staff are fully conversant in hydraulics, even though we predominantly manufacture instrumentation along with a range of control valves we need to understand how our equipment fits in with other manufacturers and how our customers can use our equipment. The NFPC provides a platform for us to integrate our equipment with other manufacturers and expose future customers to the Webtec equipment along with training our own staff, I am privileged to have in my team a CETOP 3 Territory manager, CETOP 2 Sales engineer trained at the NFPC

Lance Palmer – Business Development Manager UK & Rest Of World

Webtec have been supporters of the NFPC for many years and the NFPC remains the ‘go to’ place for hydraulic training in the UK. They have outstanding facilities and attending courses at the NFPC is a mandatory part of our training programme for those involved in the design, sales or marketing of our hydraulic measurement and control products.

Martin Cuthbert -Managing Director at Webtec

As Graphics and Communications Manager for Webtec I have worked for the company for many years in technical marketing, but I do not have an engineering or hydraulics qualification, so my hands-on technical knowledge is limited. I recently attended the Stage One Hydraulics Course at the NFPC and it was a really good experience. John and the team  always make me feel very welcome during my visits to the centre and during this course they were extremely  accommodating and helpful. Throughout the three days, they were happy to offer any additional help that I needed with the physical parts of the course as they knew that my engineering background was limited. The centre is an excellent  place to learn, and the team is extremely knowledgeable and friendly to work with. I would highly recommend attending the course.

Sam Thompson-Graphics and Communications Manager at Webtec

The NFPC is without question is the gold standard in training for the fluid power industry. It is the first thing we look for in new employees and the least we owe to our existing colleagues. Now more than ever we need to be providing well designed, efficient systems utilising the latest technology. This would not be possible without engineers being trained in these products as they come to the market. As an industry we have much work to do in the global battle to reduce emissions  for the generations to come. The NFPC stand shoulder to shoulder with us providing the tools and skills we need now and in the future. I have no doubt that together we are up to the task.

Nick Peel- Sales Manager – oddyhydraulics

I am extremely grateful for the support the NFPC provided us in ensuring that our Agile Maintenance L&D programme was implemented on time and in full. The training provided and the customer focus delivered was second to none and the feedback received from all the delegates (58 in total) who benefited from a range of pneumatics, hydraulics and PLC courses was very positive indeed. John Savage and his team should also be commended for the innovation and ingenuity they have demonstrated to maintain service delivery during the pandemic. I would highly recommend the NFPC to anyone who is serious about high level theory and practical hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics learning interventions for their personnel

Rick Franckeiss, L&D Manager, Sheffield Forgemasters

My first course with the NFPC was in 1998 , “ introduction to hydraulics “ 5 day course , at the old venue , as an 18year old apprentice the course was a very good introduction. Since then I completed the Stage 2 hydraulics course, and the more recently the MH3. Competence Based Qualification. The training given to me at the NFPC and by there staff over the past 23 years has been invaluable and enabled me to move from an apprentice to part owner / managing director here at the Hercules group of companies. Thank you to John and the team at NFPC , Hercules we will continue to put our staff  through your technical training courses.

Ryan Langley- Managing Director- Hercules Hydraulics Ltd

I am a consultant trading as `Hose Assembly Technology`. I have attended `Contamination Control` courses in the past and more recently the `Stage-1 Hydraulics` course at the NFPC. Due to the professional and knowledgeable Training Engineers, the excellent course presentations & material, and in  particular the outstanding practical training facilities, I now have a deeper knowledge and understanding of hydraulic systems & components, contamination, and how they can impact on hydraulic hose assemblies, and more importantly, how to mitigate failures when specifying. In addition; I have also  attended and participated in on-line `Ask the Experts` webinars on `Oils`, `Contamination Management` and `Hose Management` and been able to pick up vital information and tips from industry experts that have been `hands -on` in their fields of expertise.

Richard Walker- Company- Hose Assembly Technology

We agreed a pathway with a long standing and experienced colleague whose appointment as a Craftsman at a small dimensional limestone mine entails the proper commissioning, maintenance and repair of our diesel and electrical mobile plant and machinery. He undertook the Stage 1 Hydraulics course  with the CETOP qualification and has just completed the Stage 1 applied Electrical/Electronics course. He and his new colleague will be undertaking all that the NFPC has to offer over the next few years. Simply put, anyone who is involved with hydraulics or integrated systems on plant or machinery should  start with the Stage 1 course as an absolute minimum. We experienced an immediate improvement in safety and less recorded down time purely because of the training that he received.

Matthew Hawker- Director & Mine Manager – Bath Stone Group

After completing IH3 Competence Based Training at the NFPC, I able to take on more complex fault finding assignments with confidence. Able to recommend alterations to customers machine maintenance programs and set target cleanliness standards to avoid future faults. Make better and more informed engineering decisions based on a wider understanding of the machine working principles.

Sam Brown, Lead Service Technician-Alatas Crane Services

From 1994 to present day. From a classroom at the North Notts Fluid Power Centre at Langold Nr Worksop to a state-of-the-art centre in Worksop. The National Fluid power Centre has continuously driven my passion for the knowledge of fluid power technology. Once a clue less apprentice, now a highly  respected Company Engineer and NFPC Fluid Power Centre Advisory Committee Member. Proof is there of what is achievable through your very high-quality professional training and delivery.

Liberty Specialty Steels- Stocksbridge- From Carl Firth Senior Engineer

My name is Carola Alcock, I am the training specialist for Woodsmith mine in North Yorkshire near Whitby. Our mechanical team have attended the Hydraulics stage 1 training as well as the stage 2 Hydraulics Pneumatic Actuator training, all feedback received thus far has been exemplary. We have also  received great advice for suggested training for our apprentices who will be attending the Hydraulics Stage 1 and CETOP course shortly, we will continue to use the centre as a preferred option for our mechanical training.