Stage 1 Introduction to proportional Hydraulics

We believe that “NO ONE” should work on or around hydraulic systems unless they have completed this level of training.

Designed for those involved in the maintenance and management of fluid power systems involving hydraulics, relating to both mobile and industrial application within all sectors of UK industry.

This course is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3

Hydraulics Course

Course Details

The course has a HIGH PRACTICAL content.


1 Day Course (9am – 5pm)


£320.00 per person + VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:
This Stage 1 Level Course requires a Stage 1 Hydraulics Level of Knowledge before attending.

Course Aims

  • To ensure candidates have a better overall knowledge and understanding of hydraulic system components, their function, operation and how they form a working circuit
  • Improve communication levels as terminology is better understood, together with key aspects of health and safety, resulting in improved levels of safe working practices when working with and around hydraulic systems

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will know:

  • Describe the physical differences between a proportionally controlled valve and a switching (or “bangbang”) type valve.
  • Know how proportional, flow and pressure valves are constructed”
  • Know the difference between direct and pilot operated proportional valves”
  • Know what ‘ramp up’ and ‘ramp down’ operations are”
  • Have an overview of PWM and dither functions”
  • Explain the functionality of the driver card (‘amplifier’)
  • Know the difference between Proportional, Servo proportional, Servo jet pipe and servo flapper valves
  • Know the operating speed differences on various types of Proportional control”
  • Know why screened cable is essential when wiring a proportional system and the correct cable plugs valves
  • Know the difference between Proportional, Servo proportional, Servo jet pipe and servo flapper valve

Skills Based

No practical skills are obtained but circuits will be demonstrated near the end of the course where candidates can adjust various settings on proportional flow, pressure and pressure reducing systems

Recommended NFPC Progression Routes