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Introduction to Electro-Hydraulics

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Course aims/who is it for?

This course is designed to provide a refresher for existing technical staff, and a start point for non-technical staff being introduced to the subject of basic electrical principles in relation to Hydraulics.

The course is ideal for advanced apprentices and under graduates being introduced to this subject for the first time.

This will provide a general understanding of the components parts involved in the construction of a simple Electro- Hydraulic System and will involve “hands-on “practical exercises.

Knowledge gained is at a basic level and great emphasis will be placed on safe working practices.

This course will also improve communication levels as terminology is better understood.


Typical Course Objectives

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will be able to:

  1. Inspect a multi meter for damage before being used, use a multi meter to test for continuity on electrical solenoids, relay, contactor coils, and fuses. Also voltage and current testing on 24 volt DC circuits.
  2. Investigate the functions of normal open, closed and latching contacts as well as mono stable and Bi-stable switching.
  3. Read, interpret and build a simple electro-Hydraulic circuit.

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will be able to:

  1. Describe how to inspection a Multi meter before use, selecting the correct mode and connection when testing for continuity, voltage and current
  2. Have a understanding of the Health and Safety hazards when working with Electricity.
  3. Describe the basic difference between Voltage, Current and Resistance
  4. Describe Basic Components.
  5. Have an introductory understanding of Electro-Hydraulic symbols
  6. Explain why we use different Cables

Course Details

£685.00 per person excluding VAT

Training at the NFPC will consist of 2 Days of technical lectures supported by our visual aids.

If more information is required or you need help with a booking please contact Anne Clarke at NFPC Tel: 01909504539 or

Maximum Group Size = 6

Entry Requirements

We do advise YOU to visit the NFPC website “HomePage” and check out your current knowledge levels using our FOC Self Assessment Questionnaire.

Course Times

9am – 4pm or as arranged by Tutor

£685.00 + VAT

£720 from 1st August