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CETOP H1 Competence Based Qualification Hydraulics

£685 + VAT per person

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Level 1 ( First Line) – Advanced Apprentice/Technicians involved in the maintenance of systems employing Hydraulics.
This person would perform activities and follow established procedures normally short and of a reoccurring nature. Problem solving would be through the help of a Second or Third Line Technician/Engineer or following a pre-determined set of actions or maintenance checklist.

CETOP Education Recommendations | Hydraulics programme (H1)

The NFPC will inform the BFPA of your success and you will receive your CETOP Certificate accordingly.

CETOP Competence Based Qualification H1 Hydraulics

Course Introduction

We welcome you to attend our FACE TO FACE CETOP QUALIFICATIONS at THE NATIONAL FLUID POWER CENTRE presented by NFPC Training Engineers with a vast knowledge and experience involved in the maintenance and management of FLUID POWER SYTEMS.

Finally, we do advise YOU to visit the NFPC website “Home-Page” and check out your current knowledge levels using our FOC Self Assessment Questionnaire

Course Details

£685 per person excluding VAT

Face to face training at the NFPC will consist of Day 1 technical lecture and Day 1 practical training and testing

If more information is required or you need help with a booking please contact Anne Clarke at NFPC Tel: 01909504539 or

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, refreshments, and BFPA/CETOP Certificate.

Course Times

9am – 4pm or as arranged by the Tutor

Course Aims

  • To ensure candidates have a better overall knowledge and understanding of Hydraulic system components, their function, operation and how they form a working circuit
  • Improve communication levels as terminology is better understood, together with key aspects of health and safety, resulting in improved levels of safe working practices when working with and around Hydraulic systems
As a follow on from the Stage 1 Hydraulics Course, this course involves a written examination and a ‘one-to-one’ practical task assessment measured against the performance criteria laid down by the current CETOP Education Recommendations.

Course Qualification Requirements

  1. Successfully complete a 2 hour written examination to prove your knowledge
    and understanding of hydraulics covered in Stage 1 (60% pass mark)
  2. Be assessed on a “one to one” basis carrying out a range of practical tasks
    involving the following assessed abilities.a) read and interpret hydraulic circuit diagrams and recognise the component parts and know their functionality.
    b) check the working pressures at strategic points within a circuit and record.
    c) efficiently change a filter element and associated seals in a working system
    d) check accumulator pre-charge pressures and establish level against specification

In all cases you will be trained and tutored to meet the necessary performance criteria laid down by CETOP Education Recommendations.

Successful Candidates will be registered with the BFPA who award the certificate in the UK on behalf of CETOP. The NFPC will arrange for you to receive your Certificate.

£685.00 + VAT

£750 from 1st August

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