FEEL FREE to use this Self-Assessment Questionnaire at both company and individual levels
One of our major priorities here at the NFPC is to ensure that YOU start your “learning experience” by attending the right course ensuring that you build a firm foundation of knowledge and skills at the start of this vital journey.

Do I start at Stage 1 Pneumatics or do I have sufficient knowledge to go forward to a Stage 2 course?
The purpose of this Self-Assessment Questionnaire is to establish your current knowledge levels for such a decision to be made.

Please read this information carefully before attempting this TEST.

  • The pass mark is 90% and at the end of the test you will automatically receive your score
  • Less than 90%, our recommendation would be to attend the Stage 1 Pneumatics Course here at the NFPC
  • 90% or more we would recommend attending a Stage 2 Course here at the NFPC
  • Less than 45% we would recommend attending an Introduction to Pneumatics (Basic Level) here at the NFPC
  • This test contains questions of various weightings based on their importance