One of our major priorities here at the NFPC is to ensure that YOU start your “learning experience” by attending the right course ensuring that you build a firm foundation of knowledge and skills at the start of this vital journey.

The Self-Assessment

This self-assessment programme has been designed to be used by Companies or individuals to test current levels of knowledge relating to hydraulic systems and components.

Based upon your results, we can make a recommendation and direct you to the course level that best meets your needs and provides the most cost effective solution for your Employer.

Here at the NFPC, we place great emphasis upon the importance of thoroughly understanding the basic principles that underpin the operation of all hydraulic systems. Our experience has shown that failure to thoroughly grasp hydraulics at this early stage, will impede upon your progress as you advance towards more complex systems and control.

Many Craftsmen, Technicians and Engineers rely upon their experience and without a doubt, this is invaluable, as long as it has a sound foundation. Complimenting experience with a range of 100% effective training courses here at the National Fluid Power Centre, will clearly set YOU above the rest.

We see our role as the National Vehicle developed in conjunction with UK Industry, to give YOU, the best opportunity to be trained and up skilled whilst enhancing your knowledge and competence levels, adding value to you and improving your level of employability.

This SELF ASSESSMENT is your first step along a vital journey

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Why we are unique

The Centre is fully supported by 60 + National and International companies. These Organisations form the NFPC Advisory and Strategic Planning Group. The Group meets 3 times per year and through their guidance and support the NFPC remains at the forefront providing UK industry with the necessary skills and knowledge to address the ever changing needs as technology advances.