Hydraulic Troubleshooting Training Stage 2 - (Dates on request)

Specialist Course – on request.

Designed for Maintenance/Service Staff at all levels, Managers, Inspectors, Advanced Apprentices and Technical Representatives. This course builds upon your knowledge gained whilst attending the Stage 1 Hydraulics Course.

Carrying out effective fault diagnosis, rectification and prevention requires, extensive knowledge of the causes of failure, associated symptoms and the procedures to be followed to rectify the problem in the most cost effective manner, whilst following safe working procedures.

Hydraulic systems now incorporating the interface of Electrical/Electronic devices and controls, require YOU to take an overall systems approach to this extreme important subject from now on.

Stage 2 Hydraulics Troubleshooting

Course Details



2 Day Course (9am – 5pm)


£750.00 per person + VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:
Stage 1 Hydraulics or equivalent.

Course Aims

  • To raise the importance of having a good knowledge and understanding of the system on which you are planning to carry out fault diagnosis (Your success will depend on this)
  • To raise the importance of maintenance records and that of maintaining up-to-date circuit diagrams, technical data and performance records the “NORM”
  • To raise the importance of following step by step procedures whilst thoroughly carrying out “interrogation” and “investigation” to establish the nature of the fault before taking any actions to establish the cause and rectify the problem.

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

  • know the causes of faults in hydraulic systems
  • have the knowledge base required to carryout fault diagnosis
  • know the symptoms that relate to changes in performance
  • know the causes of failure and assocaited preventive measures
  • know the “Principles of Troubleshooting”
  • know the step by step procedures to follow to carry out fault diagnosis
  • know the importance of health and performance monitoring
  • know the causes of hydraulic hose failure
  • know the problems associated with hydraulic oils in service
  • know the importance of good contamination management techniques
  • know the importance of following safe working practices at all times

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will engage in and apply the following skills:

  • perform fault-cause-remedy analysis to locate system problems on working systems in the practical lab area

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£750.00 + VAT

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