Stage 1 Electro Pneumatics EP1

We believe that “NO ONE” should work on or around pneumatic systems unless they have completed this level of training.

Designed for those involved in the maintenance and management of fluid power systems involving pneumatics and control, relating to all sectors of the UK Industry. This course will incorporate a typical system including a range of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and sequence control valves.

This course will provide 18 hours of Continuous Professional Development to add to your records.

This course is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3

Stage 1 Pneumatic Course

Course Details

The course has a HIGH PRACTICAL content.


3 Day Course (9am – 5pm)


£995.00 /pp +VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments, and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:
None, but please look at our current progression route

Course Aims

  • To ensure candidates have a better overall knowledge and understanding of pneumatic system components, their function, operation and how they form a working circuit.
  • Improve communication levels as terminology is better understood, together with key aspects of health and safety, resulting in improved levels of safe working practices when working with and around electro-pneumatic systems

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will know:

  • Describe how compressed air is generated and conditioned.
  • Describe the basic requirements for pneumatic installations.
  • Read and interpret pneumatic and electro-pneumatic symbols and circuit diagrams.
  • Describe basic electrical principles and their importance in modern electro-pneumatic control systems.

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will engage in and apply the following skills:

  • Read and interpret pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuit diagrams.
  • Construct pneumatic logic and sequential circuits.
  • Construct basic electro-pneumatic sequential circuits.

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