8th Annual Industry Exhibition 19th February 2020

The NFPC invites you to attend the Industry Exhibition & Open Day.

Our industry-lead exhibition has grown to become a key annual event for companies associated with Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics, Control and Automation.

We anticipate there will be over 80 companies expected to be taking part in the 2019 Industry Open Day event which will give you a chance to network and see the latest technologies as we take a lead into Integrated Systems Engineering.

You’ll have the chance to attend a variety of Technical Lectures throughout the day delivered by our key speakers, and an opportunity to see the world class training facilities we have at the National Fluid Power Centre.

A free buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided to all of those attending and there is car parking available on site.


2018 NFPC Industry Open Day
During the NFPC Industry Exhibition Day, we invite 4 KEY SPEAKERS to present throughout the day, a series of Technical Lectures. Our Key Speakers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, adding real value to each presentation.

See belowInformation on our technical lectures

All of our Speakers have a wealth of experience to offer. Each Lecture will last up to 45 minutes including questions Lectures are presented by:

MOOG - Digital Pump Technology - Jerry Hughes & Simon Furnell Senior Applications Engineers

Benefits & Application of Integrated Digital Pump Control

The presentation will examine and explain the benefits of efficiency, accurate pressure control, leakage compensation, cost benefit of hybrid operation master / slave mode and the use of fieldbus to control multiple pumps. The above will be illustrated by describing typical applications. A practical demonstration rig built and supplied by Moog partners, Oddy Hydraulics, will be used to showcase the technology

NFPC Room F113 Tech 2

HYDAC Technology - Benefits of an Industry 4.0 Approach - Toby Daley Fluid Care Division Manager

Application of Digitalisation

The application of digitalisation in the field of hydraulics: exploring the methods, products and benefits of an Industry 4.0 approach for the day to day improvement in efficiency, productivity and conservation of resources in Hydraulic Systems

NFPC Room F119 Tech 2

LUBRIZOL - Hydraulic Fluid Efficiency - Dr Joby Winn Technology Manager (Industrial Additives)

The journey towards a more energy efficient hydraulic system

The benefits of using energy efficient hydraulic fluids are numerous and can apply in various ways to different parts of the User chain. Whether you are an OEM, a larger fleet operator, a vehicle lease company or a vehicle operator, using an energy efficient hydraulic fluid can provide valuable benefits to your operation. This presentation will explore each of these benefits and how Lubrizol, as a leading supplier of additive technology, has invested heavily in research and development to reach a deep insight into technology that can deliver a statistically validated improvement in energy efficiency.

NFPC Room F212/3 Tech 3

SIMM Engineering Group (PPS) - Compressed Air the 4th UTILITY - Andy Kirshaw Training Manager

The importance of Correct Specification for an Efficient Compressed Air System

It may appear to be free, because we are surrounded by it, but when we compress Air to utilise it as a means of transmitting power or control, it can be a costly process if the system is not correctly specified to meet the job in hand. This presentation will give you an insight to the key points to consider if you are to design and install an energy efficient system.

NFPC Room F214 Tech 3