Stage 1 Hydraulics - Webinar & Practical (3 day course)

2 Days Webinar & 1 Day Practical at the NFPC

Course aims/who is it for?

These WEBINAR MODULES are designed to increase and improve the knowledge of Maintenance Staff and Managers at all levels.
This extended knowledge will enable staff to better maintain and manage Fluid Power Systems with a better understanding of component function and operation They will follow safer working procedures and once they have attended Module 3, their work-based skills and role competency will improve. Staff will also work together with greater synergy and levels of communication.

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This course is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3

Hydraulics Course

Course Introduction

We welcome you to attend our online TECHNICAL WEBINARS presented by NFPC Training Engineers with a vast knowledge and experience involved in the maintenance and management of FLUID POWER SYTEMS. Each Module will be presented online via ZOOM and Candidate Group numbers per session will be limited to a maximum of 8 and hosted NFPC Training Engineers.

We plan to provide you with an experience close to that of an actual Technical Lecture at the NFPC, allowing you to ask questions throughout the presentations and with our small group approach and the experience of our staff we will further increase your knowledge and understanding of Hydraulics.

Further to this, our Webinar Co-ordinators at the NFPC will contact you and assist you in every way to establish ZOOM on your home computer system, thereby ensuring that you can gain maximum benefit from our Webinar presentations.

Finally, we do advise YOU to visit the NFPC website “Home-Page” and check out your current knowledge levels using our FOC Self Assessment Questionnaire

Course Details


2 x 1-Day Home Based Webinars (Module 1/Every Monday – Module 2/Every Tuesday)

1-Day Practical Training at NFPC at a later date

(£300 per day for 2 Day Webinar Course = (£600 plus VAT)

Follow on practical training days (Wednesday or Friday) £300 plus vat per person per day. Check availability contact Anne Clarke at NFPC Tel: 01909504539 or

Entry Requirements:
We do advise YOU to visit the NFPC website “HomePage” and check out your current knowledge levels using our FOC Self Assessment Questionnaire.



  • PC, Laptop, Tablet or mobile phone with internet capability.
  • Internet connection capable of audio and/or video link (you can access zoom just by audio).
  • Microphone (either built in to your PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone or separate item).
  • Video Camera (either built in to your PC, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone or separate item).
  • Ability to download the Zoom software and install (automatically from the meeting invite link).

Stage 1 Hydraulic Webinar Modules will be offered from the following dates:

  • Module 1 – Every Monday from the 17th August 2020
  • Module 2 – Every Tuesday from the 18th August 2020

Course Times:

9:00am to 10:30am // BREAK // 10:45am to 12:15pm // LUNCH // 1:00pm to 2:30pm // BREAK // 2:45pm to 4:15pm

We will schedule more of these Webinars based on demand.

Course Objectives

The course Modules are broken down into the following sections:

  • 7 Basic Rules and building blocks – the rules that govern how our systems work and the common basic components.
  • Symbols – common symbols for hydraulic components and how to read them.
  • Flow control – how we achieve flow control and the components used.
  • Pressure control – the basic pressure control valves, why we use them and how they work.
  • Direction control – the basic direction control valves and their construction.
  • Pumps – how a pump works, construction of the main types and comparison of their capabilities.
  • Hose technology – How to understand what a hose specification means and how to safely use them.
  • Oils and contamination – the functions of oil and good practices relating to contamination ingression.
  • Safe Working Practices

Additional Information

Message from John R Savage- NFPC Director – We are aware that these unprecedented times are new to us all. This initiative by the NFPC Engineers to develop a range of Knowledge Based Webinars will provide you with an element of Continued Development, adding further value to you in your place of work, when you eventually return.

We are also aware that the NFPC, has built its World Class reputation based on its EXTENSIVE PRACTICAL FACILITIES used to improve both SKILLS and ROLE COMPETENCY- Not all is lost- When the world returns to normal, you can attend the NFPC and pay an additional FEE and we will welcome you to a short REFRESHER and that of HANDS-ON PRACTICAL HYDRAULICS- see below.



Module 3 Follow-on Practical Skills Development Day at the NFPC are bookable for Wednesdays OR Fridays 9am-4pm.

To check availability and reserve your Practical Day, contact Anne Clarke on 01909 504539 or

Invitation to the Webinar will be 15 minutes before the official start time.

For you gain maximum benefit from our Webinars, you must ensure that your home computer system can effectively launch ZOOM. If you are in doubt before placing your order, feel free to contact the NFPC. We will provide you with a written step by step plan and support you all the way. This is the guarantee that when you pay for these Webinar, you will gain maximum benefit.

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Price is Per Person/Per Day

£300.00 + VAT

    Please complete the enquiry form below or call +44 (0)1909 504 539 if you would like any more information or to register an interest.

    We are still open for Business and taking Bookings.
    Flexible Learning Online - Pay As You Go - Follow On Practical Days will be available again when new Government restrictions are lifted.

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