Stage 2 Pumps and Controls

Designed for those involved in the maintenance, management, and servicing of all types of  Hydraulic systems across an extensive range of industry sectors.

This course will focus on the various types of hydraulic pumps in use and the associated control systems. Installation, setting-up procedures, testing and fault diagnosis will be covered. Why pumps fail in service will also be a key topic.

The course has a high degree of ‘hands-on’ practical training and will help to develop the necessary skills required to effectively manage today’s complex systems.

Designed for those involved in the maintenance, management and servicing of all types of hydraulic systems across an extensive range of industry sectors


Course Details

The course has a HIGH PRACTICAL content.

Duration: 3 days – 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.


Price: £995 pp + VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments, and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:

This Stage 2 Level Course requires a Stage 1 Level of Knowledge before attending.

If you feel that your knowledge level is beyond Stage 1 Hydraulics, please go to the NFPC Website on and use the FREE OF CHARGE Self -Assessment Questionnaire to test your current knowledge before placing your booking.

Course Aims

  • To take your overall knowledge and skills to the next level to enable you to better manage and maintain hydraulic systems with a range pumps and associated controls
  • Ensure that you know the causes of pump failure in hydraulic systems and apply the necessary preventative measures.
  • Know the procedures to follow to carryout effective fault diagnosis and adjustments to improve performance.

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will know:

  • Basic principles of pump operation & control
  • The recommended procedures to follow for installation and commissioning
  • The range of control systems in use, setting up procedures and Q/P relationships
  • The causes of pump failure and the preventative measures to be put in place

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will engage in and apply the following skills:

  • Measuring pump flow & pressure and calculate pump efficiency.
  • Setting up the pump pressure relief valve.
  • Setting up the pump controls; Pressure compensator and load sensing compensator.
  • Using the vent connection on a compensator.
  • Setting up a load sensing circuit
  • Measuring performance of Torque Limiter Pump
  • Setting up Pump with Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Controller
  • Removing and replacing a pump then commissioning the new unit (under development)

Recommended NFPC Progression Routes


If not, we recommend that you take our free self-assessment test, this will test your technical knowledge and will give you a % mark at the end and will recommend what course you should attend.

Please note: this is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required pre-requisite knowledge before booking this Stage 2 course. However, this is a recommendation only.

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