Stage 1 Electrical/Electronics relating to Mobile Hydraulics Systems (3 day course)

Designed for Mechanically Biased Maintenance Staff at all levels.

This STAGE 1 curse will in many cases represent your first experience into the integration and use of Electrical/Electronics to drive and control Hydraulic systems. The course will have a high practical content and will improve your current knowledge and skills and enable you to feel more comfortable and able when confronted with today’s Integrated Hydraulic System.

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This course is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3

Mobile Electronics Course

Course Details

The course has a HIGH PRACTICAL content.


3 Day Course (9am – 5pm)


£995.00 /pp + VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:
Stage 1 Hydraulics (or equivalent).

Course Aims

  • This course aims to increase your practical skills and overall knowledge relating to the application of Electrical/Electronics applied to a Mobile plant.
  • The course will improve your overall confidence in dealing with Integrated Systems and will enable you to follow safe working procedures whilst maintaining and managing such systems.

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will know:

  • Describe why the basic electrical principles are important to modern Mobile control systems.
  • Describe the application and function of common electronic/electrical components.
  • Explain various methods of providing electrical power supply.
  • Identify cable types, their application and termination methods used.
  • Identify component symbols and interpret manufacturers technical documentation to safely handle, install, commission and fault find of these devices in a systems environment.
  • Describe the methods used for safe fault-finding on a Mobile “Integrated System”.

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will engage in and apply the following skills:

  • Read, utilise and interpret technical information of integrated systems when planning build, commissioning and test tasks.
  • Locate, identify and explain the function of electrical/electronic devices in a system.
  • Operate and build fluid power control system circuits
  • Carry out effective fault diagnosis and system monitoring of fluid power control systems.
  • Safely use a multi-meter and other diagnostic tools to assist in fault finding.

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From: £995.00 + VAT

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