Stage 2 Accumulator Competence

This course does not involve the periodic testing or stripping down of accumulators.

Developed for staff involved in the maintenance and management of hydraulic systems involving the use of accumulators whose duties include inspection, checking performance and pre-charging as necessary.

Day 1- (9am-5pm). Group education, training and written assessment with a pass mark of 60%

Day 2- Practical Tasks (competence based) one-to-one assessment (PASS or FAIL) YOU will be assessed against an agreed PERFORMANCE CRITERIA The NFPC will only supply certification to those who have successfully completed both written and practical assessment

From: £670.00 + VAT
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Accumulator Competence

Course Details

The course has a HIGH PRACTICAL content.


2 Day Course (9am – 5pm) Max Attendance 4


£670.00 /pp +VAT

Candidates will receive a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments and certificate of attendance.

Entry Requirements:
Stage 1 Hydraulics or equivalent. If you feel that your experience takes you beyond Stage 1 Hydraulics, you could consider completing our self assessment questionnaire

Course Aims

  • To take your overall knowledge and skills to the next level to enable you to better manage and maintain hydraulic systems safely involving the use of accumulators
  • Ensure that you know the correct procedures to follow when carrying out any maintenance or routine inspection on systems involving the use of accumulators

Course Objectives

Knowledge Based

On completion of this course candidates will know:

  • Know the different types of accumulators in common use, together with their operating, principles, characteristics and applications
  • Know the correct procedures for examining / inspection of accumulators
  • Understand the risks and dangers during installation, examination and maintenance of accumulators

Skills Based

During the practical section of this course candidates will engage in and apply the following skills:

  • Identify Regulations apertaining to accumulator examination and testing
  • Perform a routine inspection and charging of an accumulator precharge pressure
  • Complete a written procedure, risk assessment and report of maintenance carried out on an accumulator.
  • Complete a written exam on accumulators and auxiliary equipment

Recommended NFPC Progression Routes


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Please note: this is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required pre-requisite knowledge before booking this Stage 2 course. However, this is a recommendation only.

From: £670.00 + VAT

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