Competency Courses

For the Engineer working in todays’ ever expanding areas of technology, there is a need to achieve a level of competence, ensuring Safe Working Practices and confident troubleshooting. The NFPC is proud to offer such courses, enabling our students to reach these goals.

CETOP Level 1

Through the European commission for Hydraulics’ and Pneumatics’ (CETOP), along with the support of the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA), the NFPC Competence Level 1 (H1) and the Industrial / Mobile Level 3 (IH3 & MH3) qualifications guarantee candidates have the competence to carry out their workplace functions
CETOP Level 1 – As a follow on from the Stage 1 Hydraulics Course, this course involves a written examination and a ‘one-to-one’ practical task assessment measured against the performance criteria laid down by the current CETOP Education Recommendations.
The course aims to ensure candidates have a better overall knowledge and understanding of hydraulic system components, their function/operation and how they form a working circuit. It also improves communication levels as terminology is better understood, together with key aspects of health and safety, resulting in improved levels of safe working practices when working with and around hydraulic systems.

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CETOP Level 1

CETOP Level 3

The NFPC is a BFPA Certified CETOP Education Centre and takes the lead in the UK for the delivery of Level 3 Competence Based Qualifications and has over 25 years of experience in delivering and assessing candidates at this level against CETOP education recommendations.
With enrolment taking place at the NFPC in late July each year, you will be enrolled for a period of 12 months, during which you will be expected to complete

  • 20 complex written assignments to the required standard
  • A series of Technical one day modules at the NFPC.
  • Attend the NFPC for at least 4 full days for Practical Task Assessments.
  • A 2.5 hour written examination at the NFPC, usually in September of the following year, with a pass mark of 70%.
CETOP Level 3